Leoni in 1999

Leoni Hoffmann was born on July 20th, 1999 in Bonn to Anke Hoffmann. From her first days, Leoni captured the hearts of the Hoffmann family with her smile. She is being doted on by her grandparents and her uncles.

Anke decided to visit Leoni's grandparents, at that time still living in Washington, D.C., when Leoni was 9 weeks old. Marc had also flown over for a visit and had a chance to see his newborn niece.

Photo Gallery

1999Leoni_1.jpg (54663 bytes)
Leoni shortly after her birth
1999Leoni_2.jpg (52316 bytes)
Leoni shortly after her birth
1999LeoniAndMarc1.jpg (34063 bytes)
Marc and Leoni in Washington
1999LeoniErsteWeihnacht.jpg (26456 bytes)
Leoni's first Christmas with Lars and Kaisser Opa
1999Leoni_4.jpg (39636 bytes)
...and with Opi Frank


Leoni in 2000

In 2000, Anke moved her family, including Leoni and Cindy, to Gerlingen to live in the same house as Kaisser Opa. With a big yard and her own room, Leoni now had a lot of space to play. But then she also preferred to play with in the kitchen cabinets and other areas around the house. During a visit in July, Marc was able to admire the continued growth of his niece and participate in her baptism.

Photo Gallery

2000Leoni_5.jpg (27550 bytes) 2000Leoni_3.jpg (54283 bytes) 2000MarcAndLeoni_1.jpg (46028 bytes)
Marc and Leoni in July
2000MarcAndLeoni_2.jpg (48795 bytes)
Marc and Leoni in July
2000leoniw_2.jpg (12449 bytes)
2000leoniimschrank.jpg (26340 bytes)
What is Leoni doing in the cabinet?
2000AnkeundLeoni2.jpg (13450 bytes)
Anke and Leoni on vacation


Leoni in 2001

During 2001, it is becoming obvious that Leoni is developing into a quiet and relatively calm child. She tends to observe the activity first before joining in. But when she joins the fun, she does it with a lot of enthusiasm. Frank and Sylvia are joining Anke and Leoni on a vacation to Tunesia, where Leoni gets to see camels and a Tunesian man sings her songs on his guitar. 

Photo Gallery

2001larsleoni.JPG (34749 bytes)
With her uncle Lars
2001kreide.JPG (20944 bytes)
Playing with crayons
2001leonizopf.JPG (40146 bytes)
As Pipi Langstrumpf
2001leonizopf2.JPG (40713 bytes)
...or Pipi Longstocking
2001leonifrosch.JPG (30469 bytes)
In her new frog raincoat
2001omaleoni.JPG (28361 bytes)
On vacation with Omi Sylvia
2001opileoni.JPG (28104 bytes)
Playing around with Opi Frank
2001portrait.JPG (33451 bytes)
Just a nice portrait
2001turm.JPG (14493 bytes)
Having fun building a tower
2001wurst.JPG (10509 bytes)
Stealing grandpa's Wurst

Leoni in 2002

For her birthday, Leoni received her first bike and was busy learning it, when Opi Frank and Anke's friend Dirk swept her up and kidnapped her, only to threaten to dunk her in the inflatable pool. For Christmas she got her own grocery store, where she sold everything to anyone who wanted it.

Photo Gallery

2002leoni.JPG (15155 bytes)
In her little yellow dress
2002webcam2.jpg (17510 bytes)
Saying Hi from her own webcam
2002erstesfahrrad.JPG (13559 bytes)
The first bicycle
2002kinderquaeler2.JPG (21067 bytes)
Opi Frank and Dirk are about to dunk her in the pool
2002letzterteil.JPG (17677 bytes)
Well, this was the last piece of pie
2002larsschaukel.JPG (18196 bytes)
taking a swing with Leoni
2002planschbecken.JPG (21818 bytes)
Having fun in the sun
2002ponyreiten.JPG (9671 bytes)
Riding a pony
2002wackeltier.JPG (23094 bytes)
Riding another "pony" with Omi Sylvia
2002Weihnachten_2.JPG (50850 bytes)
2002Weihnachten_5.JPG (32352 bytes)
In her own store
2002Weihnachten_6.JPG (39732 bytes)
Advertising her goods to Opi Frank


Leoni in 2003

In February, Leoni went skiing for the first time in her life. As you can see from the pictures below, she had a great time on her skis and in the snow.

Photo Gallery

2003Skifahren_1.JPG (24344 bytes)
The first time on the skis - just like a pro
2003Skifahren_2.JPG (23264 bytes)
Just happy...
2003Skifahren_3.JPG (26973 bytes)
...whether with sticks and gloves...
2003Skifahren_4.JPG (37872 bytes)
...or just frolicking in the snow.