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Wedding Pictures

Our Wedding was a fabulous event. We hope that the pictures below can provide a small glimpse into the fun, joy and special emotions that we had during the entire day. The vast majority of the pictures were taken by our wonderful and talented photographers: Judith Anderson and Joe Broccardo. Please visit the wedding help page for their contact information. We also included some special pictures that our friends and families took and sent to us. Thanks to everyone for their memorable contributions to our wedding.

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The preparations during the wedding day were an event in and of itself. Jana and Marc did not see each other since the night before, but our photographers captured some great moments. Jana got dressed with Nicky's help in the bride's room at the top of the Destiny. Anke and our flowergirl Leoni arrived shortly thereafter to dress Leoni. Jana's family was there to show their support and happiness for Jana.

Marc arrived at the docks and had to wait where he could not see the boat. While waiting, he received a special gift from his bride. She had purchased him "wedding socks" with pictures of a bride and a groom, rings, and most importantly the words "I do" - should he forget.

Yes, it is our day!

The Cool Bride

"Schlepping" the Dress.

Receiving help from Nicky.

Leoni, Marc's niece, our flowergirl.

Marc receives the "Wedding Socks"

Jana's sister Liane, brother Tracy, and father Mickey.

With our coordinator, Karen.

Marc is just hanging out.

Until his sister Anke helps him get ready.

Phil Bradley, our Officiant.

The Happy Groom

The Beautiful Bride

Our Toasting Glasses

The Wedding Cake

A Dinner Table

The Guests are arriving

Here comes the groom

Time to chill out



The ceremony was held in front of the big glass windows at the stern of the Destiny. Jana walked half-way towards Marc, and we then walked down the aisle together. Our officiant, Phil Bradley, provided a very emotional and moving, but also fun ceremony. When we spoke our vows the setting sun peeked out from the clouds to provide the glowing support for our marriage. After Phil pronounced us husband of wife, we were showered with love and rose petals from our guests. We then signed our marriage certificate and were immediately congratulated by our immediate families.

Our "Altar" looking out into Newport Beach Harbor

Our flowergirl Leoni has her grand entrance

Here comes the bride! Beautiful as can be.

Jana and Marc meet half-way to walk down the aisle together.

Phil Bradley is holding the ceremony.

A beautiful bride in a beautiful dress.

Mickey, Jana's father.

Marc's parents, Frank and Sylvia.

Everything and everyone is glowing.

United with the symbols of never-ending love.

The Sand Pouring - signifying the joining of two separate lives into one union.

And the best part: "You may now kiss the bride."

Pronounced as Husband and Wife.

The first congratulation from Marc's mom, Sylvia.

Phil is joining us in the celebration.

The siblings of both families are celebrating together.


The Happy Couple

After the ceremony, we took many pictures at the bow and on the top of the yacht. The following is a small sample of the pictures we took that evening during sunset.



Our Guests

Our wedding was a truly memorable experience, but it would have been much less without the presence of our families and friends. It meant a lot to us that so many of you came from near and far to celebrate with us. We want to thank all of our guests again for coming to our wedding. We are blessed that you came to witness the joining of our lives.

Lars, Frank, Sylvia, Anke and Leoni Hoffmann

Liane Claiborne, Tracy, Alishia and Mickey Shelton

Nelda Ducharme, DeeAnne Black, Denise Castenada, Liane Claiborne, Mickey Shelton, Jamie Black, Nancy Pinkston, Jennifer Bates, Alishia, Tracy, Bill, Rosalie and John Shelton

Cecile Speelman and Roland Berger

Sean and Yu-Hwa Yu

Anne Parker and Pat O'Brien

Emily Johnson

Angela and Craig McKenzie, David and Donna Ducharme, Alishia and Tracy Shelton, Mike Ducharme and Kim Carroll

Shannon Simmons, Gail Hollings, Tom and Dayna Murphy, Kathy and Jack Delahanty, Dave and Mary Meyer

Sean and Yu-Hwa Yu, Laurie Fitzgerald, Eric Letourneau, Debbie Nadon, Jim Skinner, Eric Olson

DeeAnne Black, Jamie Black, Tyler Phillips, Nancy Pinkston, Eron, Rosie, Harlee and Denise Castenada

Eric and Charlotte Ducos, James Kulba, Vicky Rogers, John and Silvia McDonald

Craig and Kathy Wehr, Kirk and Tammy Kness, Gary Broache, Shelly and Bruce Radic, Rick Marcuson

Bill, Rosalie and John Shelton, Nelda Ducharme, Claire Tao, Chris Arthman, Mickey Shelton

Maggi Young, Ray Chin, Patrice DeRouse, Raymond Killian, Denise Spencer, Emily Johnson, Sherman Haddock

Gina and Nelson Salgado

Roland Berger, Cecile Speelman, Mary Daughton, Richard Hopkins, Stephanie Ramirez, Troy and Eliza Neally

Anke, Leoni, Frank and Sylvia Hoffmann, Nicky Cass, Lars Hoffmann, Pat O'Brien, Anne Parker

Patrice and Emily are vying for the dollar

so are Sylvia, Pat and Anne

and Frank and Anke

With Marc's parents

Eliza, Jana and Angela

Tracy and Alishia, Angela, Anke, Sean, Anne


The following pictures were taken by some of our friends. If you have pictures that you took during our wedding, and you would like to share, please e-mail them to us at or send them to us (we will return them after scanning them).

Roland and Cecile

Emily and Jana

Cecile, Richard and Mary

Leoni and Shannon

Maggi and Densie

Jim, Vicky and James

Laurie, Eric and Bruce

Leoni and us

Sylvia and Lars

Patrice and Raymon

Emily and Sherman

Anke and us

Eric and Charlotte

Craig and Kathy

Gary and Tammy goofing around
(under the table)

Cecile and Roland

Tammy, Kirk and Rick

Mary, Richard, Troy and Eliza

Eliza and Stephanie

Anke, Lars, Pat and Anne

Tracy, Angela, Alishia, Craig, David and Donna

Shannon and Gail

Liane and Jennifer

Jim and Debbie

Laurie and Eric

Pat, Anne, Nicky, Anke and Leoni

Kim and Mike

David and Donna

Tracy and Alishia

Angela and Craig



Since the yacht was able to provide the environment for both the ceremony and reception, after dinner, we were able to roll right into the toasts and cake cutting. With Nicky's emotional, Rick's humorous and Frank's thoughtful toast we had a great start into our marriage. All of them did a heartfelt, wonderful gesture in toasting our marriage. The cake was delicious.

Our "Grand Entrance" as Husband and Wife

Nicky and Jana


Even more pictures

Finally, we are getting to sit down and have some dinner

But not for long...Marc is sneaking a dance with his niece before the toasts start

Nicky's emotional toast

Rick is toasting us

Frank is giving his speech

And then we are serenaded a "wishing us well" song in German

Cutting the cake

It was very delicious

We are kicking off the party



After all the "formalities" of the wedding, we finally got the party started. D.J. Pete did a great job in putting on a variety of music and getting everyone out on the dance floor. We had everything from Swing, Rock and Roll, R&B to slow dancing. And the obligatory Conga Line and Y.M.C.A were also part of the show. Marc dedicated the star "Jana and Marc's Lasting Love" to his wife and their lives together. The competition for Jana's bouquet was exciting, and after a tumultuous competition for the flowers, Nicky emerged as the chosen one. The guys on the other hand were a little more scared to touch that garter that Marc flung at them, after having spent an entertaining effort to remove it from Jana's leg. After the Destiny docked again, we got everyone together on the stern for one last picture before we retired to our hotel.

Our First Dance

Ending with a well-balanced dip

It's Party Time.

The intrepid videographer Troy

Marc is surprising Jana with the dedication of a star

A true "Jana Expression"

And we are off swinging again

To Y.M.C.A

and New York, New York

Everyone loves a good conga line

The bouquet toss

and we have a winner

Nicky and Jana

Marc is going for the garter

Sherman and Nicky - the "Winners"

Time to say Goodbye

At the end of a wonderful day


Wedding Portraits

One of the considerations for our wedding was to hold the ceremony at one of Southern California's beautiful beaches. A couple of days after our wedding, we had arranged for Judith Anderson to take some "formal" wedding portraits at The Montage in Laguna Beach, which has breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean from atop a cliff or the beach below.