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Austria and Germany

On our way from Venice to Germany, we passed through Salzburg, Austria and stayed overnight. After arriving in Salzburg we toured the castle, which offered magnificent views. After a morning of some shopping, we left Salzburg on our way to Germany.

Festung Hohen Salzburg

Old town Salzburg

View of the Alps (in the background)

Not all of the roads lead to Rome, some lead to a small house

The fastest way up and down the hill

After two weeks of Italian food, we are enjoying our first "Germanic" dishes

Shopping in Salzburg

Mozart's birthplace

Nick was able to find local fashion accessories


While we spent a few days without the boys in Venice and Salzburg, they visited their aunt Anke and cousin Leoni. Omi and Opi also entertained them while the boys were in Germany.

Markus, Anke, Leoni, Angelika, Marcus and their kids

Angelika and Marcus

Anke with Sebastian


The first sightseeing trip was to the famous Rhinefalls in Schaffhausen.



While Marc had to work at IBM, Jana and the Nics toured Heidelberg.



Finally, Jana took the Nics to her old stomping grounds in Wiesbaden and also stopped by Ruedesheim on the way back.