Birthday Party
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Birthday Party

The initial idea for visiting Tuscany was conceived a couple of years before when Jana decided to throw Marc a party for his 40th birthday in Italy. After lots of planning and with great assistance from Caroline Wasserfuhr, the big day had finally arrived. Marc's family and closest friends had come together in this wonderful setting to enjoy great food, good wine, fun music, but most importantly, enjoy each other's company. It was a fantastic party, one that we will remember for a long time, and we sincerely thank everyone who could attend.

The calm before the storm

The setting is perfect for a birthday party

The party goers on the red carpet (or tile floor)

Frank, Silvia and Lars

Wolfgang and Barbara

Bettina and Daniel

Nick and Nicky

Lisa and Jaimee

Cecile and Roland

Olivier and Sara


The food was a series of local dishes that were expertly prepared and served with wine made at the villa's own winery.

Let's see what all the hoopla is about

During dinner the DJ played some nice, relaxed music, but as soon as dinner was over, our boys together with their uncle Lars launched the dancing portion of the evening. That was only interrupted when the DJ, Tony, asked Marc to sing "Take Me Home Country Roads" (by John Denver) Karaoke, followed by a family dance to Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York".


Then it was time to open presents. They included a signed card from all guests and coasters from Brussels. From additions to his Lucky Luke comic book collection to a coffee cup with a picture of Marc's European friends, everything was a perfect fit. And then, Marc unwrapped the most practical gift of the evening, the combination corkscrew-bottle opener-souvenir from Brussels - the absolutely unique Mannekin Pis.



One more round of signing and then the dessert - a birthday cake and the world's best tiramisu.

Marc and Sara are trying a little "Summer Nights"...

...resulting in these reactions: wiping laugh tears away...

...what in the world is daddy doing...

...outright laughter...

...and more laughter...


...and appreciation.

Sebastian had to be re-introduced to his daddy again


The evening ended with lots of dancing, relaxing and lots of group singing. It was one of the best parties in a long time.