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After Marc's birthday party in Tuscany, we drove with the Nics and Jaimee to Venice. On our way there, we stopped for a short visit and lunch in Bologna.

Piazza Maggiore and Palazzo del Podesta

Palazzo del Podesta and Neptune Fountain

San Petronino church


We arrived later that afternoon in Venice, dropped our rental car and caught a water taxi to the fabulous Hilton Molino Stucky. After dropping our bags, we went out for a quick tour of the city.

Our hotel

We had to take a picture of the Sebastian hotel

Overlooking the Grand Canal

Discussing the next shopping target

While the girls were shopping around St. Mark's Place, Nick and Marc went the sightseeing route and visited St. Mark's Basilica and the Doges' Palace.

Piazza San Marco

The Clock Tower

Cafe orchestra

Entrance to St. Mark's Basilica

Inside the Doges' Palace

Doges' Gondola

In the Map Room

Golden staircase

Chastity belt

Various weapons

The original "Paradise"

Tintoretto's Paradise in the hall of the Great Council

In the prison, across the bridge from the Doges' Palace

The Bridge of Sighs, connecting the Doges' Palace and the prison

Inside the Bridge of Sighs

This is the last view a criminal saw on his way to the prison after being convicted

Giants' Staircase


Being in Venice requires the obligatory gondola ride. Although we had very much looked forward to it, it was somewhat disappointing. In speaking with others, it does really depend on the gondolier, and our just didn't seem to be that much into it. Afterwards we had to take a quick break from all the great Italian food by visiting the Hard Rock Cafe, and we also stopped by Harry's Bar, which is famous for hosting Ernest Hemingway and inventing the Bellini. The day ended with a dinner by the Rialto bridge.

Main gondola "parking"

Off we go

Scenes from a gondola ride

Rialto Bridge

At the Hard Rock Cafe

Harry's Bar, outside...

...and inside

Ernest Hemingway's corner


The next morning we woke up to some very dense fog. However, by the time we crossed the Canale della Giudecca and disembarked at St. Mark's the fog started to lift. The Nics had taken a tour of the glass blowing factories on Murano island while Jana and Marc toured the market by the Pescheria.


On our last day in Venice, we spent a little more time in the morning touring the city. In the evening, we enjoyed good food by the water, and in the morning said goodbye to Venice.