Natadola Beach Resort
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Fiji - October 2002

Natadola Beach Resort

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After an 11 hour flight on Air Fiji from Los Angeles at the top of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, Jana and Marc arrived at Nadi airport. We located our taxi driver, Johnny, and set out on an hour-long drive to Natadola Beach Resort.

At first the road took us through town, then through some cane fields, until Johnny turned left onto a dirt road. He mentioned that the road to Natadola was under construction, and we clearly felt it in the back of his taxi. After a little while, the road construction ended, but we continued on this dirt road. Jana and Marc looked at each other and we were praying that Johnny was an upright taxi driver, and not a highway robber who would take us to the next village to be robbed blind. 

But nothing like this happened. we passed over some mini railroad tracks (for the sugar cane train) and then Johnny pulled up to Natadola Beach Resort. At first, we were a little disappointed, as we had expected this grand building and all we got was this little doorway Fiji_NatadolaBeachResort_01.jpg (45346 bytes) covered with bougainvillea. But once we stepped through it, we found that the place was very charming. The people were very friendly and extremely accommodating. Since we arrived early in the morning our room (the honeymoon suite) was not ready, so they put us into a day room. We slept for a couple of hours, but then were wide awake.

So, we looked around the resort. The pool Fiji_NatadolaBeachResort_05.jpg (62633 bytes) was nice and inviting, and we spread out there for a little while. Then, we were informed that our room had been serviced, and we went to take a look. The honeymoon suite was sitting by itself on the top of a little hill. We had this whole place Fiji_NatadolaBeachResort_02.jpg (52532 bytes) to ourselves. The room Fiji_NatadolaBeachResort_03.jpg (49428 bytes) was very spacious and we felt right at home. We had a private deck Fiji_NatadolaBeachResort_04.jpg (62231 bytes) with lounge chairs and a great view of the ocean through some of the lush trees that surrounded the resort.

So, we spent the next two days, relaxing by the pool, on the private deck and on the beach. Ahh, the beach. It is said that Natadola Beach Fiji_NatadolaBeachResort_07.jpg (31843 bytes) is the prettiest beach on the main island of Viti Levu. And we believed it. The water was clear and warm, there were no corals in the water, the sand was white and fine. Even a train carried people from other parts of the island to Natadola, so that they can spend the day catching some sun on this magnificent beach Fiji_NatadolaBeachResort_08.jpg (43435 bytes).

The service was fantastic. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner at Natadola Beach Resort (not that there are many other choices). The food was always good and plentiful. We sampled wines from Australia and beef from New Zealand. The fish was fresh and the vegetables plentiful. The dining area Fiji_NatadolaBeachResort_06.jpg (38654 bytes) was kind of an indoor/outdoor setting, so that we were able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

We can definitely recommend Natadola Beach Resort, even if it is just for spending a day on the beach there.

After our 2 days here, we then hitched a ride with Johnny again to get on our next leg of the trip - the Fiji Aggressor II.