Fiji 2002
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Natadola Beach Resort
Fiji Aggressor II (Sere-Ni-Wai)
Taveuni Island Resort
Excursions on Taveuni
Captain Cook Dinner Cruise

Fiji - October 2002

Jana and Marc went to Fiji for nearly 3 weeks on October of 2002. We basically made three stops on our tour through the Fijian islands of Viti Levu and Taveuni, as well as many that we saw from our boat, the Fiji Aggressor II (formerly Sere-Ni-Wai). Select any of the links below to get more details about each section of our trip.

Natadola Beach Resort
Viti Levu

Fiji Aggressor II (Sere-Ni-Wai)

Taveuni Island Resort

Excursions on Taveuni

Captain Cook Dinner Cruise
Viti Levu

All of this was made possible by our good friend Mary Daughton at "Out of the Blue Travel". She has helped us make this trip a reality, as well as many of our other vacations. If you want to contact her, either:

We are sure she can help you plan a great trip as well.