Taveuni Island Resort
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Fiji - October 2002

Taveuni Island Resort

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The next, and most romantic stop on our Fiji trip put Jana and Marc on the island of Taveuni, in the North East corner of the Fiji islands. Taveuni is also known as the Garden Island of Fiji, as it is lush with green, rainforest-like trees and lots of plants.

We took a small plane Fiji_TaveuniAirport_01.jpg (27109 bytes) from Suva to Taveuni Airport Fiji_TaveuniAirport_03.jpg (23081 bytes). This was (one of) the smallest airports that we have ever seen (the only smaller one that we are aware of is on the island of Saba in the Caribbean). The plane had to break very fast in order to make the end of the small runway Fiji_TaveuniAirport_02.jpg (22903 bytes).

We were picked up at the airport by Tomasi Fiji_TIR_08.jpg (27682 bytes). Over the week, Tomasi transfomed himself from airport shuttle driver into waterfall tour guide, bartender, marriage witness (not for us - we are having our own wedding), and taxi driver. He was always laughing and telling us outrageous stories, including the time that he rescued these 4 Frenchmen from the raging waters of a river after a torrential downpour, much like our experience hiking to the waterfalls.

Tomasi took us to Taveuni Island Resort. Based on our experience at Natadola Beach Resort, we held our breath until we had walked through the small driveway and through the inconspicuous gate marking the entrance to Taveuni Island Resort Fiji_TIR_01.jpg (31373 bytes). As we had hoped, we were rewarded with a week at one of the most romantic and pleasant places on earth.

Taveuni Island Resort offered us everything we were looking for: a fantastic room, lots of places to relax, a small beach, massages, and above all great service. The people were so friendly and provided for every wish we had. The resort was very intimate (only 7 rooms), and 90% of the guests were couples on their honeymoon. It definitely was one of the best places to go on your honeymoon, or come to relax from a hectic L.A. lifestyle.

Our room, or we should really call it our house Fiji_TIR_02.jpg (33044 bytes), was the last bure (meaning bungalow) on the resort. It was the newest bure on the property and offered us a very large living room Fiji_TIR_06.jpg (46580 bytes), 2 bedrooms Fiji_TIR_05.jpg (46045 bytes) (we were not sure what to do with both at the same time), and a wide porch with lounge chairs Fiji_TIR_03.jpg (49199 bytes) and nice patio furniture Fiji_TIR_04.jpg (35912 bytes). Upon our arrival, we found a bottle of champagne Fiji_TIR_07.jpg (45681 bytes) in our room. Just another way that we were able to celebrate our stay at Taveuni Island Resort.

But Taveuni Island Resort had more to offer than just a great room. We Fiji_TIR_12.jpg (14507 bytes) were able to spend time at the "endless" pool Fiji_TIR_11.jpg (37121 bytes), which allowed you to "walk on water" Fiji_TIR_13.jpg (42103 bytes), and get massages in the "lagoon bure" Fiji_TIR_09.jpg (30379 bytes). A steep path down the cliff (on which Taveuni Island Resort is located), got us to the small beach area Fiji_TIR_10.jpg (30206 bytes), from which we kayaked and went diving. The grounds were beautiful. Here is a shot from the pool towards the main building Fiji_TIR_15.jpg (62997 bytes). The main building offered the dinning area and the bar Fiji_TIR_19.jpg (38552 bytes), where we were able to relax and enjoy the Fijian hospitality Fiji_TIR_18.jpg (43979 bytes). But the most spectacular thing was the views that we were able to savor every day Fiji_TIR_14.jpg (47727 bytes).

Fiji_TIR_View.jpg (85640 bytes)

Taveuni Island Resort was the perfect setting for one of the most important events in our lifes together. After over 2 years of bliss and true happiness, Marc asked Jana to marry him. The setting is a romantic sunset dinner. Jana Fiji_TIR_16.jpg (34721 bytes) is just happy to be in this beautiful tropical place. The weather is warm, the sun is setting, and the dinner we are about to have will be superb. Marc Fiji_TIR_17.jpg (30071 bytes), the sneaky devil he is, engages Jana in a nice conversation. Champagne is being sent down from the bar (Marc had a little talk with Tomasi right before), and the evening progresses. During the middle of an intense conversation, Marc suddenly drops to his knee in front of Jana Fiji_Proposal_01.jpg (40008 bytes) and ask if she would marry him. 
And Jana said YES Fiji_Proposal_02.jpg (27172 bytes).

We are now engaged and are planning a fantastic wedding. But onto all the other things that we were able to do on the island of Taveuni.