Sebastian Vol. II
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Sebastian Hoffmann - Volume II

This page continues the chronicles of our boy Stefan. We will post new pictures and stories on a regular basis. Please check back often for new updates.

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1 Week Old

After we got home from the hospital, Stefan was very curious as to who we brought home. He wanted to know what all the buzz was about. Very quickly he wanted to be close to Sebastian, and so they spent quite a while getting to know each other when we laid Sebastian down.

Our friend Nicky came to visit shortly after we got home. She helped us out tremendously for the first week. The help was very much appreciated. We also received help in the form of meals from many of our friends from Jana's MOMS Club. We had hoped to capture every meal drop-off visitor together with Sebastian to commemorate the incredible gesture that this was for us. Unfortunately, it didn't work out all the time. But we are extremely grateful for all the help and the meals we received.

Although Jana was still in a lot of pain from the c-section, we even made it to the park as a family in the first week.

Stefan says: "Tis Baby Basian" (his version of "This is Baby Sebastian")

Stefan studies his new brother very closely

Kisses for the baby

Nicky and Sebastian

Sebastian is getting ready to give Stefan his welcome gift

Stefan takes one look...

...and it looks like Sebastian scored

Stefan is always checking to make sure his brother is ok

Robin and Sebastian

Jacqueline, Adrian and Liz with Sebastian

First time at the park

Stephanie and Sebastian


2 Weeks Old

First Bath

Snug as a bug

Gotta hold up the head

...and the legs

That was a lot of work


3 Weeks Old

The many sleeping...

...and waking up positions of Sebastian Hoffmann


7 Weeks Old

A kiss from the big brother


8 and 9 Weeks Old

"Smiley Hoffmann"


12 Weeks Old