Sebastian Vol. VII
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Sebastian Hoffmann - Volume VI

This page continues the life of Sebastian, starting when he was 3 years. Please note that there are many more pictures of Sebastian in our Events section.

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3 Year Birthday Party

Sebastian celebrated his 3rd birthday at My Gym. His favorite teachers, Mr. Corbett, Ms. Danielle and Mr. Logan, were running the party and everyone had a lot of fun.



Benjamin and Simon

Kaitlyn and Kameron

Obviously a Toy Story birthday cake

Trey K.





Trey M.

Opening presents

All worn out


First Day of Preschool

For Sebastian a big milestone arrived in August. He started preschool in Ms. Lynn's class.


Other Activities

Below is a photo gallery of various other activities and events that Sebastian was part of this year.

Relaxing at the chiropractor

Sebastian's wish during preschool