Sebastian Vol. V
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Sebastian Hoffmann - Volume V

This page continues the life of Sebastian, starting when he was 1 year. Please note that there are many more pictures of Sebastian in our Events section.

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1 Year Birthday Party

For Sebastian's first birthday, we invited his friends to a pool party. Unfortunately, Sebastian decided to take a nap during most of the swim activities. But he woke up in time to blow out the candle and eat the cake.

Jaqueline, Adrian, Noah, Eva, Stephanie

Cecilia, Liz

Vicky, Ethan, Jim


Ready for cake


13 Months Old

Bouncing with his brother in the jumper

Sebastian loves to swing

Waking up happy


14 Months Old

Currently his favorite toy

...and more swinging


15 Months Old

...and lots more swinging

Having a nice day at the park


18 Months Old



21 Months Old



22 Months Old



23 Months Old