Bonaire 2002
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Bonaire - May 2002

In May of 2002, we took a dive trip to the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean. Our friend and fabulous travel advisor, Mary Daughton, helped us put this trip together.

Here are some pictures from our adventures on Bonaire.

2002_Bonaire_24.jpg (24974 bytes)
Landing at the Flamingo Airport on Bonaire
2002_Bonaire_25.jpg (13821 bytes)
People in Bonaire are very friendly, which is immediately apparent on arrival at the airport
2002_Bonaire_02.jpg (46425 bytes)
Downtown Kralendijk - the island's main street
2002_Bonaire_01.jpg (32478 bytes)
And the license plate says it all
2002_Bonaire_06.jpg (53991 bytes)
This is one of the signs marking the 50+ dive spots on the island...
2002_Bonaire_07.jpg (36271 bytes)
...most of them accessible from shore (which Jana did not like very much).
2002_Bonaire_05.jpg (26186 bytes)
It involved hauling dive gear in a truck...
2002_Bonaire_08.jpg (51568 bytes)
....climbing up and down stairs...
2002_Bonaire_09.jpg (58375 bytes)
...but the name should have warned us.
2002_Bonaire_12.jpg (31586 bytes)
But we also had time for romantic dinners...
2002_Bonaire_13.jpg (30561 bytes)
...and sunsets.
2002_Bonaire_03.jpg (28882 bytes)
We visited the windswept...
2002_Bonaire_04.jpg (37492 bytes)
...eastern side of the island,
2002_Bonaire_11.jpg (31222 bytes)
rented a boat to go around the island,
2002_Bonaire_19.jpg (27698 bytes)
2002_Bonaire_20.jpg (40899 bytes)
fell off,
2002_Bonaire_21.jpg (41240 bytes)
got back up again,
2002_Bonaire_14.jpg (18301 bytes)
and parasailed.
2002_Bonaire_18.jpg (39156 bytes) 2002_Bonaire_15.jpg (26395 bytes)
2002_Bonaire_16.jpg (31200 bytes) 2002_Bonaire_17.jpg (27344 bytes) CastleInBonaire.jpg (23321 bytes)
Some of the more interesting buildings there included a private castle...
2002_Bonaire_10.jpg (54820 bytes)
...and a burger shack, which carried Curry Ketchup (Jana's favorite), but was otherwise only known in the central US.
2002_Bonaire_26.jpg (58716 bytes)
We relaxed on the beach...
2002_Bonaire_27.jpg (75833 bytes)
...had some interesting neighbors...
2002_Bonaire_23.jpg (37357 bytes)
...enjoyed dinner...
2002_Bonaire_22.jpg (29413 bytes) JanaAndMeOnReturnFlightFromBonaire.jpg (39419 bytes)
...and were a little sad when we had to leave again.