Lake Shasta 2000
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Lake Shasta - September 2000

Our first "trip" together was a spontaneous weekend with our friends Dave and Pauline (and several of their friends) on a houseboat on Lake Shasta. We had a lot of fun hanging out, BBQing, and boating on the water.
2000Houseboat_1.jpg (75460 bytes)
The House(boat)
2000HouseboatDavePauline_1.jpg (26641 bytes)
Our friends Dave and Pauline
2000HouseboatJanaAndMarc_1.jpg (69770 bytes)
Hanging out on the water
2000HouseboatJanaAndMarc_3.jpg (36511 bytes) 2000HouseboatMarcWakeboarding_1.jpg (42403 bytes)
Marc's trying his luck with wakeboarding
2000HouseboatMarcWakeboarding_2.jpg (37756 bytes) 2000HouseboatMarc_1.jpg (36489 bytes) 2000HouseboatJana_1.jpg (26358 bytes) 2000HouseboatJanaAndMarc_2.jpg (22920 bytes)
Happy that we found each other