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California 2010
Europe 2009
Cruise 2009
Western US 2006
Cruise 2006
Malaysia 2004
Cabo 2004
Hawaii 2003
Tahiti 2003
Fiji 2002
Bonaire 2002
Germany 2001
Cozumel 2001
Lake Shasta 2000

Our Vacations

We love to travel. Immediately after we met, we went with friends on a houseboat weekend on Lake Shasta. From there we traveled to places, such as Cozumel, Germany, Bonaire, and Fiji. Our honeymoon was to the islands of Tahiti, and we visited Hawaii at the end of 2003.

2004 started off with a visit to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate our birthdays and we toured on to Malaysia later in the year.

In 2006, we took a cruise of the Southern Caribbean and toured some of the Western States in the US.

After a short hiatus, we had the opportunity for a couple of vacations in 2009. In March we went on a cruise to the Mexican Rivera and in September and October, we visited Europe for 3 weeks and celebrated Marc's 40th birthday.

In 2010, we went for a week to visit our friends in Southern California, and celebrate Stefan's fifth birthday at Disneyland.

We are planning to travel as much as we can in the future, so visit us  often, and read our review of the places we have been.