Events of 2001
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Events of 2001



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Christmas in Germany

Photo Gallery from Christmas in Germany

2001_Germany_01.jpg (39183 bytes)
This was the white German landscape that awaited us upon our arrival in Frankfurt
2001_Germany_02.jpg (54014 bytes)
Our rental car was a Volvo S80. It inspired us to buy a Volvo S60, which we will be picking up April 2003 in Sweden
2001_Germany_03.jpg (70458 bytes)
Jana's home during her 2 years in Germany. Unfortunately 9/11 caused it to be fenced in.
2001_Germany_04.jpg (28782 bytes)
WalMart is taking over everywhere...even in Wiesbaden
2001_Germany_05.jpg (47973 bytes)
Walter's Futterkrippe in Wiesbaden had Jana's favorite food: Pommes Frittes (Fries) with Curry Ketchup (yummy)
2001_Germany_06.jpg (34630 bytes)
Leoni at the Christmas Market in Ludwigsburg
2001_Germany_07.jpg (32539 bytes)
Jana and Marc at the Christmas Market
2001_Germany_08.jpg (57121 bytes)
Lars and Leoni at the "Gerlinger Löwe" (Lion of Gerlingen)
2001_Germany_09.jpg (67792 bytes)
Jana joins the crowd
2001_Germany_10.jpg (50406 bytes)
Marc and Leoni are going "downhill"at the "Schloss Solitude"
2001_Germany_11.jpg (36927 bytes)
The house where Marc grew up in Gerlingen
2001_Germany_12.jpg (41516 bytes)
Marc's Kindergarten
2001_Germany_13.jpg (62489 bytes)
Marc's elementary school
2001_Germany_14.jpg (32148 bytes)
Christmas dinner at Anke's
2001_Germany_15.jpg (37641 bytes)
Fun with pictures
2001_Germany_16.jpg (45889 bytes)
Leoni is overwhelmed by the presents and the Christmas tree
2001_Germany_17.jpg (53888 bytes)
It's oh so festive
2001_Germany_18.jpg (32371 bytes)
The more lights the better
2001_Germany_19.jpg (28640 bytes)
Christmas is the fest of heavenly music
2001_Germany_20.jpg (33320 bytes)
We are all one happy family
2001_Germany_21.jpg (69326 bytes)
Visiting the Christmas Market in Stuttgart
2001_Germany_22.jpg (38760 bytes)
The castle in downtown Stuttgart
2001_Germany_23.jpg (38597 bytes)
Then we are driving up the Rhine valley and need to cross the river Rhine by ferry
2001_Germany_24.jpg (59247 bytes)
On the ferry
2001_Germany_25.jpg (36568 bytes)
A medieval toll tower in the middle of the river
2001_Germany_26.jpg (51005 bytes)
Bonn's city hall
2001_Germany_27.jpg (30754 bytes)
Marc and his parents
2001_Germany_28.jpg (43044 bytes)
Glühwein (hot wine) with Caroline


New Years in Belgium

Photo Gallery from New Years in Belgium

2001_Belgium_02.jpg (34188 bytes)
Visiting our friend Bettina and her husband Daniel
2001_Belgium_01.jpg (54752 bytes)
Art Deco house in Brussels
2001_Belgium_05.jpg (36456 bytes)
The Royal Palace
2001_Belgium_06.jpg (48120 bytes)
City Hall at the Grand Place
2001_Belgium_07.jpg (41574 bytes)
The Grand Place
2001_Belgium_08.jpg (55235 bytes)
The Grand Place
2001_Belgium_10.jpg (48878 bytes)
It is time for a belated Christmas
2001_Belgium_11.jpg (37098 bytes)
Jana is joining the Christmas celebrations
2001_Belgium_03.jpg (26854 bytes)
Our friends Cecile and Roland also joined us for New Years. Cecile was pregnant with their soon-to-be born son Luis.
2001_Belgium_04.jpg (30986 bytes)
Practicing for parenthood
2001_Belgium_09.jpg (30504 bytes) 2001_Belgium_12.jpg (40885 bytes) 2001_Belgium_13.jpg (37648 bytes)