Events of 2006
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Events of 2006

After the many events of 2005, the year 2006 is shaping up to be a little less adventurous, but nonetheless fun and exciting. Follow the links to see what we have been up to.



In February we had the opportunity to explore Legoland, about an 1 1/2 hours south of Rancho Cucamonga, in Carlsbad. It is not as large as Disneyland, but it was the perfect size for us to spend a nice day. Many of the props, as you can imagine, were built from Lego blocks. The pictures below give you an idea of the wide variety of things that can be built from Lego blocks.

For Stefan the most enjoyable part of Legoland was the train ride. Jana and Marc had to ride at least 10 times with him, and even after that he didn't really want to go home.

Photo Gallery from Legoland

Mommy and Stefan are looking forward to the park

May the force be with you

The precursor to the train ride

Part of "Shrek" Village

Marc is going diving

Not sure that you could drive this car, but it looks cool

Jana in "her" Volvo - although the turbo drive never kicked in

Stefan and Daddy are ready for lift-off

Jana is trying to quench the thirst of the crocodile

Stefan's favorite attraction - the train

Very happy Stefan

The conductor is thinking "They are back"

And then Stefan got to ride by himself...

...which he enjoyed thoroughly

On the Fairy Tale boat ride

Little Red Riding Hood


The White House (the Lego version)

The U.S. Congress

Cape Canaveral

A tired Stefan


Valentines Day

On Valentine's Day, we spent the evening at home with our friend Nicky. Stefan showed us his wide range of facial expressions and flirted with Nicky. He especially enjoyed opening the various Valentine's Day cards, even if they weren't intended for him.

Photo Gallery from Valentine's Day



Jana and Nicky in Las Vegas

In March, Jana and Nicky had a girls' weekend in Las Vegas. They had a great time riding the gondola at the Venetian and enjoying Celine Dion at Caesar's Palace.

Photo Gallery from Las Vegas



Whale Watching

In April, we joined a group from Jana's MOMS Club to go whale watching of the coast of Southern California. Stefan had a blast on the boat. We got to see one whale and a calf cruising along, and visited a buoy full of seals.

Photo Gallery from Whale Watching

Off the coast of Newport Beach

Stefan is enjoying the wind in his hat

Jacqueline and Liz

The best picture (out of many) of the whale

Stefan is getting the "hang of it"


Up for some food

Eyeing daddy's beer bottle...

...but satisfied with his own bottle


Napa with Vicky and James

Heading the call to enjoy and relax, we took a weekend trip to Napa Valley with our friends Vicky and James. We visited the Domain Chandon winery and the Mumm champagne factory. At V. Sattui, we had a picnic in a relaxing outdoor setting. On Saturday, Nicky and her boyfriend Nic met us for dinner and drinks. And on Sunday, we toured the wine country via the Napa Valley Wine Train.

Photo Gallery from Napa



Shannon and KC in L.A.

Our friend Shannon and KC visited us in May to celebrate their wedding anniversary at Disneyland, and to join us for brunch at the beach.

Photo Gallery from Shannon and KC's trip to L.A.



Trip to Oklahoma

In June, we took a trip to Altus, Oklahoma for Stefan to meet his other grandfather - Jana's dad Mickey. Jana's brother Tracy, wife Alishia and son Dylan were also there to attend Tracy's 20th high school reunion. It also gave us an opportunity to visit with our friends Angela and Craig, and their daughters Madison and Rylee, as well as the Ducharme family (Jana's cousin).

Photo Gallery from our trip to Oklahoma

Stefan is enjoying Rylee's car

Stefan, Rylee and Angela

Dylan and Donna

Dylan and Mickey

3 generations: Mickey, Tracy and Dylan

Dylan and Stefan

Jana and Angela

Stefan and grandpa Mickey

Stefan, Donna and David

Tracy, Alishia, Stefan, Jana and Dylan


Marcs Trip to Germany

In October, Marc had to join his fellow partners and employees on a short business trip to Germany. Luckily it was timed in such a way that Marc could stay an additional day and participate in celebrating his mom's birthday. Upon arrival, Marc also had a little bit of time to visit with our friend Caroline, and her family, Martin, Sebastiaan and Maurits.

Photo Gallery from Marc's trip to Germany

Caroline and Sebastiaan


The birthday girl

Leoni is helping Omi with the presents

Frank, Leoni and Sylvia

Leoni and Lars are goofing around

Anke and Markus


Trip to Visit Nick and Nicky in Sacramento

In October, we finally reciprocated the many visits that Nicky had made to our house, and we traveled to Sacramento. She and Nick had just announced their engagement, and we were very happy to congratulate them on it. We had a really great time. Stefan was the center of the attention.

Since it was close to Halloween, we visited a pumpkin patch on steroids. There were all kinds of pumpkins, many goats and sheep to pet, horses to ride, bunnies to visit, as well as cows and birds.

Stefan also got to visit the zoo in Sacramento. He got to ride the train (very important), hear a lion roar (it was the first time that Jana and Marc had heard a lion roar in real life), and ride the yellow dump truck (even more important than the train).

Photo Gallery from our visit to Nick and Nicky in Sacramento

Jana, Nick, Stefan, Nicky and Marc

Let's go people

Oh my God, waaaayyyy too much to see

Better take it easy and enjoy the ride

Out of my way...I am a busy man...have to pet another goat

Stefan loves his pumpkins

Always curious

That's the one I want

It's not enough to just look at the cow...

...I have to be one with the cow

Nicky, Stefan and Nick

Picking up leaves on Nicky's street

Bird show at the zoo

It's a great day for a train ride


MOMS Club Founders Day Parade

On November 11, the traditional Rancho Cucamonga Founder's Day Parade took place and the MOMS Club was again there in full stroller gear.

Photo Gallery from MOMS Club Founder's Day Parade



Omi and Opi are Visiting

Middle of November, Marc's parents - Stefan's Omi and Opi - were visiting from Germany for 3 weeks. Stefan enjoyed getting to know his grandparents. They took him to the park, played with him in the house and shared meals in the backyard.

Together we also made a quick visit to San Diego's Wild Animal Park. This was Stefan's third visit to a zoo this year.

Unfortunately, we got so wrapped up in our day-to-day activities that we didn't realize that we hadn't taken any pictures until the day before Omi and Opi were leaving.

Photo Gallery from Omi and Opi visiting

Enjoying breakfast...

...and reading time with Omi

Family outing to the Wild Animal Park

Stefan loves to ride the train and watch the animals


Watching the elephant show with Daddy

Baby Lion


Weekend Getaway to Monterey

During Marc's parents' visit, Stefan was in great hands with his Omi and Opi. They babysat him, while Marc and Jana decided to get away for a long weekend to Monterey, California. It was a lot of fun - visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and exploring some lesser-known parts of Monterey. We walked the Path of History, visited museums, and rode a surrey (a two-person bike) from Fisherman's Wharf to Lover's Point. On our last day, we visited Carmel-by-the-Sea and had a leisurely picnic on the beach.

Photo Gallery from our weekend getaway to Monterey

Otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

View from our hotel

First theatre in California

Colton Hall - where the constitution of California was written

One of the oldest churches in California

Lunch with a view

Monterey Bay

View from Lover's Point

Shopping in Carmel

Relaxing on the beach in Carmel