Events of 2007
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Events of 2007

Most of the events in 2007 will be focused on bringing our second baby, Sebastian, into this world. But even so, we are hoping to be able to a few fun and exciting things in this year. Follow the links to see what we have been up to.


Skiing Heavenly

In January, Marc and Jim had a "guys weekend" planned in South Lake Tahoe to go skiing in Heavenly. Snow had been slim in the mountains of California, but two days before arriving, a storm dumped a lot of snow and made the weekend great for skiing.

Photo Gallery from Heavenly




In April, we visited Disneyland. It was Stefan's first visit, and the excitement was appropriate. We stayed for two days and explored primarily Fantasyland and Toontown. Stefan's favorite rides were: the Mad Tea Party (or Teacups as he called them), King Arthur's Carousel, Dumbo, Casey Jr. Train, the Disneyland Railroad, and the Monorail.

Photo Gallery from Disneyland

The Happiest Place on Earth...although we did see many tears from young kids

Main Street USA

Shall we go on King Arthur's Carousel or ride Dumbo?

Waiting in line for Dumbo

Stefan's favorite: the teacups

Conversation with Daddy while riding the boat in Storybook Land

The Monorail

Astro Orbiter (or airplane as Stefan calls it)

Mickey's House in Toontown

Stefan meets Mickey for the first time

Fountain in Toontown

Minnie's House

Stefan loved the dishwasher

Meeting Minnie

Goofy's House

Let's meet Pluto


BJ and Shirley Visit

In May, Jana's Grandpa, BJ, and his wife, Shirley, visited the family at cousin Denise's in Victorville. We were happy we could spend the afternoon together (but it is always too short).

Photo Gallery from BJ and Shirley Visit


Jana, Stefan and BJ

Jana and BJ

BJ and Shirley

Harlee, Jennifer and Jana

BJ, Shirley and Stefan

Stefan and aunt Dee Anne

Aunt Nancy and Stefan

Denise, Stefan and Jennifer


Sebastian Birth

On June 1st, Sebastian Hoffmann was born. You can find out everything about Sebastian on his home page.

Announcing Sebastian's Birth



The McKenzie Visit

In July we welcomed the McKenzie family to California: Craig, Angela, Madison and Rylee. We were able to join them on a couple of outings to Scandia amusement park and Legoland.

Photo Gallery from the McKenzie's Visit

Riding the trucks

And the fire engine

And the airplane

Angela, Madison and Jana on the roller coaster

Rylee and Craig stayed back

...with Stefan, Sebastian and Marc

Legoland, here we come

Let's get comfy

The McKenzies


Stefan playing with Lego's

Legoland Safari

Rylee, Madison, Craig, Shianne, Stephanie, Stefan and Angela

Shianne and Stephanie

Enjoying the Legoland fairy tale boat ride with Daddy

Flying a police helicopter

Hanging out with Mommy

Riding the train with Shianne

Rylee and Jana


The Sanders Visit

In September our friends, the Sanders, came to visit. We were able to meet their newborn, Julia, and Stefan and Jana went to hang out at Disneyland with them.

Photo Gallery from the Sanders' Visit


Anniversary Weekend in Solvang

For our fourth anniversary we went to the lovely little Danish town of Solvang, just north of Santa Barbara. We enjoyed sight seeing, shopping, wine tasting and Jana went up in the sky in a glider plane.

Photo Gallery from the Solvang Anniversary Weekend

Welcome to Solvang

Entrance road to Solvang

The Little Mermaid

Various Danish houses

A nice touch from the Marriott - we got to spend the weekend in the bridal suite

Wineries in the Santa Ynez vallye

Downtown Los Olivos (that is all there is)

Jana is getting ready for her glider ride

Here we go

...about to take off...

...and safely back to earth


Sea World

In September we made a day trip to Sea World in San Diego. Stefan loves to see animals, but he hadn't spent really a lot of time with fishes and other sea creatures.

Photo Gallery from Sea World

Stefan is excited to see fishes

Wow, a dolphin

...Stefan got to touch a dolphin

Shamu show

The first step to rock climbing

Let's see how many star fish Stefan can find and touch

And there is even a fire engine


Upland Fire Station Tour

The main fire station in Upland (next city over from Rancho Cucamonga) had an open house in October, where they showcased an emergency helicopter, an ambulance, fire engines, and a police car. Needless to say that Stefan was just in heaven.

Photo Gallery from the Upland Fire Station Tour



Marc in Germany

In October Marc had to visit the IBM lab in Germany. But he was also able to visit with his family and friends - especially friends that he had not seen in over 20 years at his 20-year high school reunion.

Photo Gallery from Marc's Trip to Germany


Anke and Markus




Pumpkins and Halloween

This was the first year that Stefan really got into the Halloween spirit. He loved going to the pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin for himself and Sebastian. Sebastian just chilled in a field of pumpkins while Stefan just ran everywhere. Then the boys watched Daddy carve the pumpkins. The highlight was when Stefan was all dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine on Halloween.

Photo Gallery from our Pumpkins and Halloween Time of the Year

So many little time

Where shall we go...

...let's go there.

This one, this one

Hmm, let's see

It's too heavy for the Stefan

I can't, I can't...

Sebastian is just hanging out

Let's carve some pumpkins

Sebastian is having fun, too.

All dressed up for Halloween

All ready to go for some trick or treating

At the MOMS Club Halloween Party with Hayden and Cody


Seattle Visit

In November we decided to visit our friends in Seattle. It was Sebastian's first trip on an airplane, and he decided that the best way to spend it is to sleep and eat - he has traveling already all figured out. We arrived in time for dinner with our friends Chris, Kathy and Kimberly. The next day we had lunch with our friends Kathy, Bonnie, Tom, Tiffany and her boy Brogan. Then we visited Tiffany, Brad and Brogan on their houseboat for a play date.

Photo Gallery from our Seattle Trip

Sebastian is overwhelmed from his first airplane trip

Dinner with Chris, Kimberly and Kathy

Stefan, our future business executive

Lunch with Kathy, Tiffany, Brogan, Bonnie and Tom

Sebastian and Brogan

The Houseboat

Seattle Skyline

The Hoffmann's in Seattle

With Tiffany and Brogan

Sebastian and the McNamaras

Sebastian had fun

A little personal grooming never hurt anyone

Relaxing from the hectic life of a world traveler


MOMS Club at Parade

For the third year, Jana participated in the MOMS Club parade. This year she was joined by both boys as she and other moms represented one of the four chapters in Rancho Cucamonga.

Photo Gallery from MOMS Club at Founder's Day Parade



Day Out With Thomas

This year has been marked by Stefan's fascination with trains, and in particular those from the "Thomas and Friends" collection. It was therefore a particularly special day when Stefan got to meet Thomas in person at the Orange Empire Railway Museum. In addition to riding a train pulled by Thomas, Stefan was able to soak in all of the other engine that were on exhibit at the museum. Needless to say that the time just rushed by for Stefan and he was extremely exhausted on the drive home.

Photo Gallery from Day Out with Thomas

Plan in hand, Stefan is ready to meet...


Old Los Angeles street car

Let's go ride with Thomas

Stefan is taking it all in

Sebastian was enjoying the ride as well

In the top of a caboose car

Bob the Builder was there, too

And here comes Sir Topham Hatt


Amys Farm and Family Pictures

One of the MOMS Club events in November was visiting Amy's farm where the kids could feed pigs, pet goats and give milk to the baby cows. Stefan was not afraid of any of the animals and was busy feeding and petting. We also tried to take a few family pictures with the timer option on our camera, but that didn't work so well.

Photo Gallery from Amy's Farm and Family Pictures



Christmas Season

Christmas season is always and exciting time, but just like with Halloween, Stefan is really getting into the spirit of the season this year. He is singing Christmas carols...anyone know the words for "Jingle Bells"? And most importantly he is asking Santa for presents...could you have guessed that it was for another train from the "Thomas and Friends" collection. We had the opportunity to tour a Candy Cane factory and see how candy canes are made. Then we visited one of the boys favorite restaurants, The Rainforest Cafe, and enjoyed breakfast with Santa. Together with our friends we spent a leisurely Christmas season celebration dinner followed by visiting the decorated houses in Upland.

Photo Gallery from Christmas Season

Breakfast with Santa at the Rainforest Cafe

Even the (fake) gorillas were ready for Christmas

Early Christmas dinner with family and friends

Stefan, Andy and Cody

The Hernandez and Totten families

Adrian, Jacqueline and Liz

The kids are having fun unpacking gifts

Sebastian is enjoying a quick snooze...

...before having to be cute again


Omi and Opi Visit

Omi and Opi (Stefan and Sebastian's grandparents) came to visit from Germany. Several activities were part of the program, such as a visit to the Orange Empire Railroad Museum and frequent trips to the nearby parks.

Photo Gallery from Omi and Opi Visit




Christmas this year started with Stefan baking his first Christmas cookies together with Omi. Sebastian hung out with Opi or attempted to bite his toes (since the cookies weren't ready yet). Christmas Eve we had a nice family dinner and the started unwrapping presents. Since the kids were quickly overwhelmed, we spread the joy of tearing the gifts open to the next morning. In the afternoon we drove out to Victorville to meet with Jana's Grandpa, his wife, and aunts and cousins.

Photo Gallery from Christmas

Sebastian, Grandpa and Shirley

Stefan, Aunt Nancy, Jennifer, Harlee and Denise

Sebastian and Aunt Nancy

Eron visits, too

Sebastian and Aunt Dee Anne



With Omi and Opi in town to play with the kids, Jana and Marc had the opportunity for a short getaway. We chose the wine country around Temecula and enjoyed a great wine tour with several tastings and some interesting background information on wine production.

Photo Gallery from Temecula



The Kulbas' Visit

During the holidays we also had a visit from our friends Vicky and Jim with their son Ethan. As always, it was a fun play day for the kids and a great time for the adults.

Photo Gallery from the Kulbas' Visit



The Nicks' Wedding

We closed out 2007 with a huge bang. Our good friends Nicky and Nick (the Nicks) got married on New Years Eve 2007 in Sacramento. Jana was honored to be a bridesmaid. We enjoyed the rehearsal and the casual get-together with friends. But the wedding was spectacular. Not only was the gallery superbly decorated, but the bride and groom's happiness exceeded the sparklers that went off at midnight when we also celebrated the start of 2008.

We sincerely wish our friends all the best for their marriage and a lifetime of happiness, love and joy.

Photo Gallery from the Nicks' Wedding

Rehearsal at the church

The bridesmaids

The bride and groom

Groom and parents

Nicky's brother and mom

Nicky's dad and the bride herself

Beautiful bride, ready to get married.

The happy couple

The bridesmaids

Jana is congratulating the Nicks

It's New Years