Events of 2011
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Events of 2011

Follow the links below to the many events that make up the year 2011 for us.


New Year - New Bed and Sledding

2011 started with a great purchase for Sebastian. He got a big boy bed, complete with Toy Story sheets. And in the afternoon we headed out to enjoy some sledding in the snow from a very recent and short-lived snow fall.

Photo Gallery from New Bed and Sledding



Copper Mountain Skiing

This being our third winter in Colorado, we decided that we wanted to see if our boys liked skiing. So, we made arrangements for both of them to attend ski school at Copper Mountain. Prior to arriving, it became clear that Sebastian was not fond of the cold and so Stefan attended ski school by himself and enjoyed it tremendously while Sebastian spent some time snow tubing with Jana and playing in the kids area at Copper Mountain. Within two days Stefan was skilled enough to be on a chair lift and make turns down the slopes. Unfortunately, on our return we got caught in a heavy snow storm that made the trip much longer and quite unpleasant.

Photo Gallery from Copper Mountain Skiing



MOMS Club Chinese New Year

As many other years before, this year the MOMS Club hosted Chinese New Year with great food and lots of activities.

Photo Gallery from MOMS Club Chinese New Year



Dinosaur Museum

2011 was the year when both, Stefan and Sebastian, joined forces and interest in dinosaurs. Early in the year, we visited the Dinosaur museum in Woodland Park.

Photo Gallery from Dinosaur Museum



Skiing Monarch

After learning skiing successfully in January, Stefan wanted to join Marc on a day of skiing. Monarch Mountain is probably the closest nicely-sized ski resort to Colorado Springs. So, we took the picturesque drive on Highway 50 through Canon City and Salida to get to Monarch. It was a beautiful day and Stefan did very well. Monarch is on the Continental Divide, so the views are spectacular. We had to drive nearly 3 hours from Colorado Springs, but you can still see Pikes Peak from Monarch. Looking down the other side, Telluride and Durango were visible in the distance.

Later, in April, we skied Monarch again. This time Sebastian tried it out and he did quite well, but we need to try again next ski season.

Photo Gallery from Skiing on Monarch Mountain

Hungry after some skiing

Pikes Peak

Views towards Telluride and Durango


Marcs Birthday

Since Marc and Jana's birthday gift was our trip to Devil's Thumb Ranch, we celebrated Marc's birthday in an intimate family setting. Cake and kisses from his boys and wife was the greatest gift.

Photo Gallery from Marc's Birthday


Devils Thumb Ranch

Thanks for our friend Nicky coming out and watching the boys, Jana and Marc were able to get away for two days to celebrate our birthdays. We chose to visit a luxury ranch near Winter Park, Colorado, called Devil's Thumb Ranch.

We had a great time at the ranch. We visited Winter Park, took a horse-drawn carriage ride, ate at a German restaurant, enjoyed the lodge with its humongous fireplace, and went on a horse-draw sleigh ride where we were able to feed the ranch's horses.

Photo Gallery from Devil's Thumb Ranch



Nicky and Lily Visit

Even though Nicky came out to let Jana and Marc get away for a couple of days, she and her daughter Lily stayed longer and we enjoyed their visit. Stefan and Sebastian enjoyed a belated Christmas with presents from aunt Nicky.

Photo Gallery from Nicky and Lily Visit


Jana and Stefan Birthday

To celebrate Jana's and Stefan's birthday, we went to Guiseppe's Train Depot, a restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs right on the train tracks. Afterwards we went home to eat cake, blow out candles and unwrap some presents.

Photo Gallery from Jana's and Stefan's Birthday





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