Events of 2003
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Events of 2003


Boating to Catalina with Eric and Laurie

In March, the weather was very beautiful in Southern California and our friends Eric and Laurie 2003_Catalina_9.jpg (21864 bytes) took us out on their boat to Catalina Island

During our crossing we saw a migrating whale. It was trying to escape all the attention that its huge body and tall spouts created. Several boats and jet skis raced out to observe the whale, but it kept moving further and further away.

Then we spent a very casual afternoon exploring Catalina with a golf cart. We went up and down the steep hills to some great views 2003_Catalina_8.jpg (64423 bytes), the Wrigley Memorial, and had a late lunch by the waterfront. It was a very relaxing day for us, away from the hustle and bustle of our lives.

Photo Gallery from Catalina

2003_Catalina_2.jpg (32070 bytes)
On the boat...
2003_Catalina_3.jpg (31694 bytes)
...heading out to sea...
2003_Catalina_1.jpg (25223 bytes)
...and couldn't be happier to get away.
2003_Catalina_4.jpg (42959 bytes)
The town of Avalon on Catalina
2003_Catalina_5.jpg (58337 bytes)
Casino Point, where we have been quite often to go diving
2003_Catalina_6.jpg (49795 bytes)
A gorgeous view from the hills
2003_Catalina_7.jpg (27422 bytes) 2003_Catalina_10.jpg (42977 bytes)
Relaxing on the way back.


New Car Trip to Europe

At the end of 2002, Jana was looking for a new car, as her current lease was up this year. We looked at several car makers, and decided on a VOLVO S60 2.4T. In addition to being a safe, reliable, comfortable and fun car to drive, VOLVO's Overseas Delivery Program was attractive to us. It allowed us to order the car through our local dealer and pick it up at the VOLVO factory. In addition VOLVO provided us with 2 free airline tickets and a night stay at the Radisson in Gothenburg.

So, here we are, at the VOLVO Factory Delivery Center with Jana's new car 2003_EuropeTrip_01.jpg (32828 bytes). At first, we were hoping that VOLVO made a mistake and this car 2003_EuropeTrip_02.jpg (29224 bytes) would be ours, but after taken a first look at her new car, Jana fell in love with it 2003_EuropeTrip_03.jpg (37466 bytes).

Although VOLVO offered us lunch and a factory tour in the afternoon, we wanted to get going on our whirlwind tour through Europe. And we wanted to give the new car a thorough introduction to the real world out there, not the sheltered factory life. And what a real world it was. Scandinavia had one of the coldest springs in a while, and when we arrived it was freezing cold, snowing and icy rain. So, we tried to get out of there as fast as possible.

But before we left the cold, we stopped in Denmark and its capital Copenhagen. Our first stop, after crossing from Sweden to Denmark via a 20-minute ferry, was Kronborgslot (Castle of Kronborg) 2003_EuropeTrip_04.jpg (11561 bytes). It is said that this castle was Shakespeare's inspiration for "Hamlet". Although he had never been for a visit, Shakespeare was influenced by the legends of his days. This castle was used by Danish kings to collect tolls from ships crossing between Sweden and Denmark on their way to the rich cities of Northern Germany and the Baltic Sea.

Photo Gallery from Kronborgslot

2003_EuropeTrip_05.jpg (59485 bytes)
Entrance to the "Hamlet" Castle
2003_EuropeTrip_06.jpg (34838 bytes) 2003_EuropeTrip_07.jpg (29849 bytes)
Jana listening attentively to the tour guide
2003_EuropeTrip_08.jpg (32436 bytes)
The Ballroom
2003_EuropeTrip_09.jpg (43815 bytes)
The Chapel
2003_EuropeTrip_10.jpg (29139 bytes)
...and the Dungeon

After spending a couple of hours at Kronborgslot, we continued our journey to Copenhagen. We stayed for a couple of nights at the Marriott, where the staff was very friendly and helpful. We received a very nice room, with a great view 2003_EuropeTrip_12.jpg (22098 bytes)    2003_EuropeTrip_11.jpg (21249 bytes) (unfortunately the weather was still not very nice).

The next day we explored Copenhagen. We walked from our hotel to the city hall, took a quick peak at the world-famous Tivoli amusement park (which we visited in the evening), down to the canals in the harbor, and watched the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace. The Marbled Cathedral, Churchill Park, and the Little Mermaid (inspired by the Christian Anderson story) were also on our list of attractions. After a short rest at the hotel we returned to the Tivoli where we had dinner and rode some of the old-style merry-go-rounds and roller coasters.

Photo Gallery from Copenhagen

2003_EuropeTrip_13.jpg (38353 bytes)
City Hall
2003_EuropeTrip_14.jpg (53230 bytes)
Detail on the city hall walls
2003_EuropeTrip_15.jpg (48211 bytes)
Beauty and the Beast
2003_EuropeTrip_16.jpg (45175 bytes)
Main entrance to Tivoli
2003_EuropeTrip_17.jpg (78199 bytes)
Jana conquering one of her biggest fears
2003_EuropeTrip_18.jpg (77294 bytes)
Nyhaven houses at the harbor canals
2003_EuropeTrip_19.jpg (42686 bytes)
Guards at the Royal Palace
2003_EuropeTrip_20.jpg (43470 bytes)
The Marbled Cathedral
2003_EuropeTrip_21.jpg (52261 bytes)
An old church in Churchill Park
2003_EuropeTrip_22.jpg (37307 bytes)
The Little Mermaid
(and some other figure on a rock )
2003_EuropeTrip_23.jpg (69287 bytes)
Side entrance to Tivoli
2003_EuropeTrip_24.jpg (63476 bytes)
Having fun with the dragon
2003_EuropeTrip_25.jpg (60850 bytes)
Evening at Tivoli
2003_EuropeTrip_26.jpg (72276 bytes)
The Peacock Stage
2003_EuropeTrip_27.jpg (62703 bytes)

The following day we left Copenhagen and drove south towards Germany. We crossed from Denmark to Germany with another ferry, and as the weather got better and better, we decided to have lunch in Hamburg 2003_EuropeTrip_28.jpg (27978 bytes). After lunch and another few hours of driving, we arrived in 2003_EuropeTrip_29.jpg (43394 bytes).

The same evening, we had a great Italian dinner in a historic warehouse. Well, nearly all houses in downtown Amsterdam are historic warehouses, as we learned the next day on our canal tour. We also strolled the streets of Amsterdam, and in addition to historic houses had to visit the unique Red Light District. Since it is not advisable to take pictures there at night, we can only present pictures we took the next day - which is all the better, unless we wanted to restrict our website to adults only.

After a quick tour of Amsterdam in the morning, we visited "miniature Holland" at Zaanse Schans. A large area has been setup and preserved to showcase traditional Dutch sights and activities. Windmills, drawbridges, cheese, wooden shoes, and canals - all elements were present here. We spent a couple of hours here, but another one of Jana's favorite sights in Holland called.

In the afternoon, we visited De Haar Castle. It is one of the best preserved castles in the Netherlands, and is used to this day as a summer entertainment residence by its owners. During the time that the family is not staying at the castle, it is open for tours, and so we took one.

Photo Gallery from Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans and De Haar Castle

2003_EuropeTrip_30.jpg (57862 bytes)
Historic warehouse on our canal tour in Amsterdam
2003_EuropeTrip_31.jpg (64589 bytes)
One of a few thousand houseboats on the canals
2003_EuropeTrip_32.jpg (23836 bytes)
The "Skinny Bridge"
2003_EuropeTrip_33.jpg (47484 bytes)
Amsterdam's Central Train Station
2003_EuropeTrip_34.jpg (70121 bytes)
Entrance to the Red Light District
2003_EuropeTrip_35.jpg (64753 bytes)
One of many entertainment houses
2003_EuropeTrip_36.jpg (48311 bytes)
Everything you ever wanted to know about it you can find here
2003_EuropeTrip_37.jpg (68530 bytes)
Symbol of the Red Light District - interesting during the day, but the real action is at night
2003_EuropeTrip_38.jpg (50328 bytes)
But let's not leave the other "sin" of Amsterdam unmentioned.
2003_EuropeTrip_39.jpg (23977 bytes)
Zaanse Schans
2003_EuropeTrip_40.jpg (47209 bytes)
Dutch Thumbelina
2003_EuropeTrip_41.jpg (41968 bytes)
There is just something about having big shoes
2003_EuropeTrip_42.jpg (66025 bytes)
Cheese factory
2003_EuropeTrip_43.jpg (36261 bytes)
Windmills to explore
2003_EuropeTrip_44.jpg (48201 bytes)
And we are exploring
2003_EuropeTrip_45.jpg (50104 bytes)
De Haar Castle
2003_EuropeTrip_46.jpg (49738 bytes) 2003_EuropeTrip_47.jpg (47164 bytes)
Just a little modeling (although not as long as he did)
2003_EuropeTrip_48.jpg (28699 bytes)
Marc's beautiful bride-to-be
2003_EuropeTrip_49.jpg (54316 bytes)
2003_EuropeTrip_50.jpg (35360 bytes) 2003_EuropeTrip_51.jpg (43214 bytes) 2003_EuropeTrip_52.jpg (47585 bytes)

Keukenhof was one of the main attractions for Jana 2003_EuropeTrip_53.jpg (60104 bytes). The world-famous tulip festival is held here every year in spring. Millions of tulips, daffodils, and many other flowers are exhibited. It is definitely advisable to visit in the mornings and on weekdays, as we saw long lines of people and cars when we exited.

It was a beautiful spring day, and we walked through all the various gardens, including an old-style green maze 2003_EuropeTrip_57.jpg (51303 bytes), the and expositions that Keukenhof offered. Unfortunately, this spring had been unusually cold, and most of the tulips in the outdoor gardens were not open. Jana was somewhat disappointed, but the smells 2003_EuropeTrip_65.jpg (44410 bytes) and colors 2003_EuropeTrip_66.jpg (85787 bytes) of the other flowers somewhat made up for the closed-up tulips.

Photo Gallery from Keukenhof

2003_EuropeTrip_70.jpg (49395 bytes)
Welcome to Keukenhof
2003_EuropeTrip_58.jpg (32450 bytes)
Although we are here for the tulips...
2003_EuropeTrip_54.jpg (51558 bytes)
...other things, such as big shoes...
2003_EuropeTrip_56.jpg (49058 bytes)
...and even bigger shoes...
2003_EuropeTrip_55.jpg (32749 bytes) well as water fountains...
2003_EuropeTrip_67.jpg (43405 bytes)
...white peacocks...
2003_EuropeTrip_59.jpg (42942 bytes)
...and windwills were explored.
2003_EuropeTrip_68.jpg (23180 bytes)
The perfect tulip!
2003_EuropeTrip_61.jpg (56436 bytes)
At the orchid expo
2003_EuropeTrip_62.jpg (40238 bytes)
2003_EuropeTrip_64.jpg (33232 bytes) 2003_EuropeTrip_60.jpg (56574 bytes)
Enjoying the gardens...
2003_EuropeTrip_69.jpg (78387 bytes)
...and lakes.
2003_EuropeTrip_63.jpg (47603 bytes)
A tulip field just outside Keukenhof

After visiting the flowers at Keukenhof we drove into Belgium, and spent two days in Antwerp and Bruges. We could not have found a better place to stay. The Hilton in Antwerp 2003_EuropeTrip_71.jpg (63919 bytes) was right in the middle of Antwerp's old town. The small, one-way streets made it a little challenge to get to the parking garage every time, but being able to stroll through historic plazas and rows of medieval houses made it all worthwhile.

We spent the afternoon in Antwerp by exploring the inner city. At first, we took a horse-drawn carriage ride 2003_EuropeTrip_76.jpg (29219 bytes) around town. Then we explored some of the sights by foot. We visited the cathedral 2003_EuropeTrip_78.jpg (28438 bytes) and the town's first castle 2003_EuropeTrip_79.jpg (50813 bytes). From there we saw some older houses 2003_EuropeTrip_80.jpg (51133 bytes), not realizing that one of them would serve as the drop off point for Jana's car a couple of days later. That evening we sat outdoors at a Greek restaurant that served excellent food, and the service was very personable.

The following day, we visited the medieval town of Bruges. The inner city has been preserved over many centuries, as it had stayed virtually untouched from any fires or wars. One of Bruges' main attraction was the town's Belfry 2003_EuropeTrip_82.jpg (36240 bytes). We climbed the 360+ steps, which started off being very wide, and got narrower and narrower, so that you had to squeeze against the walls to let people pass. But the reward was a spectacular view of the inner city 2003_EuropeTrip_85.jpg (65585 bytes) 2003_EuropeTrip_86.jpg (47303 bytes).

After this exercise, it was time for a little less strenuous sight seeing, and so we hopped onto one of the frequent canal tours. We passed under very old bridges 2003_EuropeTrip_83.jpg (61032 bytes) and saw most of the inner city attractions. Another, important element of the visit to Bruges was the need to shop for Christmas ornaments at the Käthe Wohlfahrt store 2003_EuropeTrip_90.jpg (48639 bytes).

That evening, we were also very happy to be able to meet with our friends Bettina and Daniel 2003_EuropeTrip_91.jpg (33028 bytes), who drove from Brussels to have dinner with us. It had been nearly 18 months since we last saw each other, and we had a great time at a very good Italian restaurant.

Photo Gallery from Antwerp and Bruges

2003_EuropeTrip_74.jpg (48981 bytes)
Antwerp's City Hall
2003_EuropeTrip_72.jpg (45781 bytes)
The Cathedral (note the McDonald's in front - you just can't escape them)
2003_EuropeTrip_73.jpg (55502 bytes)
The Groote Markt (the Large Market)
2003_EuropeTrip_75.jpg (39410 bytes)
The Cathedral and a fountain symbolizing Antwerp's name (which is a form of "hant werpen" - meaning hand throwing)
2003_EuropeTrip_77.jpg (52695 bytes)
Jana is ready to go...the horse...a different story.
2003_EuropeTrip_81.jpg (45466 bytes)
Bruges' Market Place
2003_EuropeTrip_87.jpg (35623 bytes)
Canal tour
2003_EuropeTrip_84.jpg (50462 bytes)
Well-preserved medieval house
2003_EuropeTrip_89.jpg (46564 bytes)
Famous Michelangelo statue "Madonna with Child"
2003_EuropeTrip_88.jpg (49278 bytes)
Marc's ice cream truck
2003_EuropeTrip_92.jpg (35603 bytes)
Daniel, Marc and Bettina
2003_EuropeTrip_93.jpg (33975 bytes)
Happy to be together and with our friends

Unfortunately, we had to drop the car off a couple of days earlier than planned due to Easter holidays in Germany. Marc's mom drove to Antwerp and picked us up for our last stop on our tour: Marc's family in Germany.

We took a scenic drive through the Ardennes in eastern Belgium, crossed over into Germany near Trier and made our way to Stuttgart. When we arrived, we were greeted by Leoni 2003_EuropeTrip_94.jpg (67583 bytes), Marc's niece, who had grown up to be an outgoing, energetic girl. The next day, we just played around 2003_EuropeTrip_95.jpg (66713 bytes) 2003_EuropeTrip_96.jpg (53827 bytes), and Leoni tried on clothes that we brought along 2003_EuropeTrip_98.jpg (32834 bytes). She will also be the flower girl at our wedding, and we had the flower girl dress with us for her to try on 2003_EuropeTrip_97.jpg (28200 bytes). She loved it, and Anke had to hide it very quickly, so that it stays in good shape for the wedding. Luckily for us, her friend Dennis 2003_EuropeTrip_99.jpg (28972 bytes) was there, so that her attention could be diverted from the dress.

The last day of our visit was Good Friday, and the family (Anke, Marc's mom, Lars, Marc and Jana) decided to move the Easter celebrations forward. So, we got up in the morning and started hunting for Easter eggs 2003_EuropeTrip_102.jpg (67639 bytes). But in this case, the Easter eggs were presents for all of us, although mostly for Leoni who had a lot of fun looking for them. She got her own personal suitcase for her trip to America and her first big-girl bike 2003_EuropeTrip_104.jpg (37421 bytes) (with no training wheels!).

In the afternoon, our friends Marcus and Gigi came to visit with their daughter Kim 2003_EuropeTrip_109.jpg (44311 bytes). After a short introductory period, the two girls started playing together as if they had known each other all their lives 2003_EuropeTrip_110.jpg (67779 bytes). We all sat down for coffee and cake, when Marc's aunt and uncle stopped by unexpectedly, and Marc's dad Frank also returned early from his ski vacation to spend some time with us. It became a large outdoor garden fest 2003_EuropeTrip_107.jpg (40431 bytes). The festivities ended in a scooter race down the street 2003_EuropeTrip_111.jpg (28088 bytes).


Photo Gallery from Easter Celebrations

2003_EuropeTrip_100.jpg (45714 bytes)
Leoni on the hunt for the "Easter Eggs" with assistance from Cindy
2003_EuropeTrip_101.jpg (67799 bytes)
And she found one.
2003_EuropeTrip_103.jpg (51747 bytes)
Marc's grandpa observes the hustle and bustle
2003_EuropeTrip_106.jpg (39276 bytes)
Leoni decides to be a painter
2003_EuropeTrip_105.jpg (40381 bytes)
2003_EuropeTrip_108.jpg (50368 bytes)
Kim is learning roller skating from Gigi
2003_EuropeTrip_113.jpg (24470 bytes)
Leoni and Lars are taking the scooter for a spin
2003_EuropeTrip_112.jpg (23483 bytes)
Kim is trying it all by herself

We were sad to return from our whirlwind tour across 5 countries, but we were happy to be able to see our family and some of our friends.

Now, we are simply waiting for Jana's car to arrive in the United States and that we receive the call from our dealer "Your car is here".


Los Angeles County Museum of Art

In April, our friend Jim organized an outing to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) with us and our friends Vicky and James. A special exhibit for Ansel Adams' 100th birthday and "Sargent in Italy" were shown at the museum. We also took a general museum tour, walked through the permanent Japanese exhibits and went to lunch at the country's first "Marie Callendar's" restaurant on LA's Magical Mile. In between the museum and the restaurant are the La Brea Tar Pits, where many fossiled bones have been unearthed. It was funny to find such a prehistoric place in between the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Photo Gallery from LACMA

2003_LACMA_01.jpg (113867 bytes)
Jana and Jim are really looking forward to visiting the museum
2003_LACMA_03.jpg (303485 bytes)
Entrance to the museum complex
2003_LACMA_02.jpg (77528 bytes)
West wing of the museum complex
2003_LACMA_04.jpg (125847 bytes)
One of several beautiful statues in the museum garden...and some metal thing in the background.
2003_LACMA_05.jpg (63836 bytes)
The main section of the museum complex
2003_LACMA_06.jpg (73690 bytes)
Just being happy to be out and about
2003_LACMA_13.jpg (85342 bytes)
The Japanese House
2003_LACMA_08.jpg (64988 bytes)
Inside the Japanese House
2003_LACMA_07.jpg (80199 bytes)
One of the many Japanese exhibits
2003_LACMA_09.jpg (63122 bytes)
Vicky, Jim, Jana and James
2003_LACMA_14.jpg (77499 bytes)
Exhibit in the modern art collection
2003_LACMA_15.jpg (66070 bytes)
One of Marc's favorite artists - Magritte - was also on exhibit here.
2003_LACMA_11.jpg (80206 bytes)
The Japanese House at LACMA in the background. The La Brea Tar Pits in the foreground.
2003_LACMA_12.jpg (103596 bytes)
Another section of the La Brea Tar Pits
2003_LACMA_10.jpg (87201 bytes)
Lunch at the first Marie Callendar's


Thanksgiving Trip to Los Angeles

For Thanksgiving, we decided that it was time to explore our nearby tourist attraction - Los Angeles. We booked ourselves into the Beverly Hills Hilton and took a tour of all the major tourist attractions in the "City of the Angels".


Photo Gallery from Los Angeles Trip

Welcome to Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills City Hall (remember Beverly Hills Cop? )

The "Witches House" in Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Hollywood Sign

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Cary Grant's hands and footprints


Hollywood Walk of Stars

Again....Jana's Favorite

Two Beauties

Barbarian - Terminator - Governor Schwarzenegger

It was a must-see musical in Hollywood

Warner Brothers Studios

... and VIP Tour

The Man's a Mystery

Clothes from the set of "Friends"

This plaza has seen many movies

... and so has this squirrel

"The Standard" Hotel in Hollywood

Greystone Mansion

Fountain at Greystone Mansion

Rodeo Drive