Stefan Vol. II
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Stefan Hoffmann - Volume II

This page continues the chronicles of our boy Stefan. We will post new pictures and stories on a regular basis. Please check back often for new updates.

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2 Weeks Old

One day before he turned 2 weeks old, Stefan came "home" to our hotel room. Since his umbilical cord had already fallen off, we were able to give him his first bath in the tub. At the end of that week, Shannon and KC visited and we went out to Roy's restaurant in Newport Beach to enjoy a quiet dinner (Stefan had a serving of breastmilk) and great company.

This was his favorite outfit in the early days

Hmmm...this feels very different...

...but I really liked it.

Oh look, Shannon and KC are here.

In tribute to Stefan's stay at the Disneyland Residence Inn

Out for the first family dinner

And we are stuffed.

Riding in the car seat


3 Weeks Old

At three weeks old, Stefan (and his parents) finally moved into the new house in Rancho Cucamonga. With the moving stress and hectic, Stefan did not make it into too many pictures.



Omi and Opi Visit

Shortly after moving, Omi and Opi (German for Grandma and Grandpa) visited from Germany. They were a great help to us. Omi cooked a lot of great food and watched over Stefan, and Opi worked in the house and bonded with Stefan.



4 Weeks Old

At four weeks old, Stefan got a big surprise. We had his room painted in an underwater scenery. Robin Mitchell, a fantastic artist, painted the entire room with fishes and other underwater creatures. Too bad that Stefan slept through most of it.

This bath was so relaxing

Mommy says...Show me that foot.

Sleeping with the tiger that his cousin Leoni made

With Daddy in the office

Stefan's Room

Stefan's Room


5 Weeks Old

After turning 5 weeks, Stefan visited Jana's old work place, where we met Gail who had flown in from Chicago. The next day, we packed Stefan up for his first stroll around the neighborhood. He is really starting to show his expressive side.

Gail, Stefan and Jana

I am the coolest stroller-riding babe magnet

He is just happy


6 Weeks Old

Stefan is now ready for "tummy time". After being placed on his activity gym mat, he started lifting and turning his head. But since this was so exhausting, Stefan needed to take a nap with Daddy and then fall asleep again in Omi's arms.


7 Weeks Old

At 7 weeks old, Stefan must be one of the youngest travelers around. Marc had some business in Utah, and Jana and Stefan took the opportunity to visit Shannon and KC, who had recently moved there. It was his first airplane ride and he loved it...the noise and vibrations made him sleep deeply in Mommy's arms.

The morning after we arrived, we woke up to snow. Utah got its last snowfall for the year. Wow, what a trip. Not only was Stefan on an airplane, but he also got to experience his first snow on his cheeks.

By the end of the week, we were back in Southern California and spent the afternoon in the park with Troy, Eliza and Sara.

Wow, Stefan can barely contain his excitment.

Mommy, what is this?

This noise is great. Let's go to sleep.

That is snow in the background

Visiting Shannon and KC

Back in sunny California


8 Weeks Old

At 8 weeks old, Stefan has changed a lot from the skinny little person he was 6 weeks ago. He is developing his personality, and we are witness to many different expressions.

Our friend Shannon came to visit for 10 days. She helped us out a lot and got to experience first hand what it means to take care of a baby.

Happy after a bath

Stefan loves to sleep on his mommy's shoulder

Shannon is taking care of Stefan

Oh wow...a new person to spoil me


9 Weeks Old

In a quest to figure out what sleeping position works best, Stefan is subjected to various places and situations where he sleeps: the floor with a soft, snuggly blanket, the bouncer and swing with colorful toys and music, his pack-n-play, in the carrier on daddy's chest, etc. The verdict is: Stefan sleeps anywhere, as long as he is fed and happy.

Hmm...this is the softest blanket ever

Taking care of baby is hard example of well-deserved sleep


10 Weeks Old

Shannon has to leave early this week and Daddy is on a business trip, too. Mommy and Stefan are using the time to get to know each other even better.

Saying goodbye to Shannon


11 Weeks Old

This week Mommy and Stefan receive a visit by our friend Nicky, while Daddy is on another business trip - this time it is longer and further away - to Germany. Nicky is helping out a lot by taking care of Stefan during the evening/night shifts that Daddy usually mans. Later in the week, Eliza drops by to help out as well. We are very thankful for all the help that our friends and family have given us so far.

Spending time with Nicky

Out boy is growing big.

It doesn't matter from which Mommy that shoulder is from, it just feels good to fall asleep there.

Exhausted after staring at the fishes on his swing


12 Weeks Old

Stefan is now 12 weeks old. He is starting to be very reactive to things going on around him. He loves to stare at the fishes in his swing, and he is making cooing and grunting noises when he is happy. And he continues to cry when he is not fed within 0.01 seconds of him being hungry. It is really exciting to see him develop.

A study of Stefan's facial expressions...

...when he watches the fishes...

...on his swing.

Am I not the cutest?

One of daddy's favorite moments in the day...feeding Stefan.

We are Family