Stefan Vol. VII
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Stefan Hoffmann - Volume VII

This page covers Stefan's life from his second birthday on. We will post new pictures and stories on a regular basis. Please check back often for new updates.

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2nd Birthday

Stefan's second birthday was a blast. He invited all his friend to come play with him at My Gym. His favorite trainers, Ash and Mandy, were hosting the party, and they did a great job entertaining all the kids. Every 5 minutes a new play station or event took place. Below are some pictures from his birthday.

After the party at My Gym, Stefan went home to unpack all the gifts he received. There were so many that he was quite overwhelmed.

Cody, Tracie, Laurel, Sophia

Ash, Mandy, Makayla, Kelly

Cody, Lilly, Vanessa, Ben, Jessica,

Jacqueline, Liz, Sophia, Laurel

Noah, Tony, Eva, Cody, Tracie, Vanessa

Makayla, Andy, Kelly, Sara, Amy

Cody, Mandy


Sara, Amy, Ash


Bryson, Gavin

Eva, Ash, Mandy, Adrien

Makayla, Andy, Gavin

Jacqueline, Liz, Ash, Tracie, Cody, Amy, Bryson

Bryson, Sara, Gavin, Amy, Makayla, Andy, Cody, Hayden, Laurel, Sohia, Lilly, Vanessa

Sara, Gavin, Amy, Makayla, Andy, Hayden


Cable Airport Tour

In March, 2007, the MOMS Club had the opportunity to get a tour of Cable Airport in Upland. Stefan loves planes, trains, and automobiles, and he was very happy to be there. He got to see many planes, very close up, landing and taking off, and the Upland Fire Department was also practicing on-site, so he got to see his beloved fire trucks.



Toms Farms

In March, the MOMS Club visited Tom's Farms. Although he had been there just a month ago with Nicky and Nick, Stefan enjoyed seeing the animals, riding the train, and taking his first ride on a real horse, not just those on the carousel.



MOMS Club Events

Throughout the year, the MOMS Club conducts various events. Stefan is always an enthusiastic supporter of these events, as he gets to play with his friends, or visit a fire station with lots of fire trucks (one of his favorites).

Playing with his friends

Bubble Fest 2007

Who can make the most bubbles

Fun in the kiddie pool

Fire Station Tour

Police Station Tour

Stefan's Jail Break

The joys of sitting in a police least in the front

Sebastian is just exhausted from the tour


Long Beach Aquarium

In May, Stefan went to visit the fishes at the Long Beach Aquarium.



Apple Picking and Halloween Craft

In October, Stefan went apple picking with his friends and also prepare yummy food for a great Halloween.


Santa Train

In December, during Omi and Opi's visit, Stefan visited Santa when he arrived by train at the Orange Empire Railway Museum.

Here comes Santa's Train

The grand entrance

Stefan meets Santa

...and gets a present

Now it's time to see other trains in the shed

Here goes Santa's Train


Other Activities

Below is a photo gallery of various other activities and events that Stefan was part of.

Taking a morning snooze with Daddy

Just kidding...there is no sleeping when Stefan's awake

Auntie Nicky drops by for a visit

Fun in the park

What a sweet boy!

Thomas the Tank Engine - this is how it all got started

At Hayden's Birthday Party

Lily is giving Stefan a nice neck massage

Watch a movie????

Let's go and watch it already

Testing the portable DVD player for the Seattle trip

Selecting a movie is serious business

Trying out Daddy's shirt