Stefan Vol. V
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Stefan Hoffmann - Volume V

This page starts with a big bang - Stefan is 1 year old. We will post new pictures and stories on a regular basis. Please check back often for new updates.

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First Birthday

Stefan's first birthday was a big affair. We invited many of our friends to celebrate with us. Stefan took the whole day in strides. He was excited to have a big balloon on his chair, and people to play with. He especially enjoyed the ball pit that we borrowed.

When it came time to eat his cake, Stefan was a little timid. Instead of smashing into it, he just picked a small piece at a time. But it caused enough of a mess.

 Birthday balloon (which survived for four months)

Stefan and his proud parents

The birthday cake

The birthday boy

Enjoying the ball pit

Cody and Tracie

Hmm, what am I supposed to do with this thing???

Just a little bit messy...and Daddy got it, too.

Ray and Stefan are playing ball


Denise, Maggie and Ray celebrating with Stefan

Liz, Jacqueline and Adrian celebrating with Stefan

So many gifts for such a little boy

Stefan doesn't know where to start... he just resolves to letting Daddy do the work

Private birthday celebration with Nicky

The bib says it all



1 Year Old

After Stefan's fun birthday party, there is lots more going on. The mild weather allows us to go to the park and for Stefan to learn how to slide and play in the sand.

Easter was fun event. In a nearby park, an Easter egg hunt was organized and Stefan was crawling like crazy to collect as many eggs as possible.

In the park

Hey, look at me, I can do anything I want

Playing with Jacqueline

Playing underneath Daddy's desk

This Easter thing is great...

...I am finding all these eggs to play with

Tuckered out...

...and ready to to go nite-nite


13 Months Old

Most of the pictures we took of Stefan during this month were part of our Cruise to the Southern Caribbean. But even so, Stefan had to show off how cute he his by climbing into the empty suitcase before we left.



14, 15 and 16 Months Old

After our return from vacation, Stefan learned to walk on his own (he took his first steps on Father's Day). We then went on a long weekend trip to Oklahoma, where you can find more pictures.

And in July, he went to get his first haircut. Thank goodness to KoolCuts4Kids - the specialized salon that catered to kids with special chairs and TV where he was more fascinated by Baby Einstein DVDs than the woman fussing with his hair. There were also a few days in August when it wasn't too hot. So we enjoyed some time in the local park, where Stefan could roam to his heart's content.

Learning to brush his teeth...

...but only if Daddy does it, too.

You can't see me.


Cool guy in the swing

Yo, you wanna piece of me?

Da Plane, Da Plane