Stefan Vol. X
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Stefan Hoffmann - Volume IX

This page covers Stefan's life from his fourth birthday on. We will post new pictures and stories on a regular basis. Please check back often for new updates.

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5th Birthday

Stefan's fifth birthday was part of our vacation in California. He celebrated at Rainforest Cafe in Disneyland.

Jana and Stephanie

Shianne and Stefan

Stefan and David

Sebastian, Natalie, and Stefan

Shianne, Stefan, Ethan, Trevor, David, Sebastian

Asking Jen for a dance

Vicky, Jana, Sebastian, Ethan, Jim, Natalie, Stefan, Marc


Preschool Graduation

In May, Stefan graduated from Ms. Lynn's preschool class.


Summer School

In June, Stefan attended summer school



First Day of Kindergarten

Finally, the big day arrived that marked Stefan's transition into "real" school life. He entered Kindergarten in Ms. Smithey's class. For good luck the school's mascot, Lizzie the Lynx was available for hugs.

First ride with the school bus


Lost First Tooth

In the middle of November, Stefan lost his first tooth (and was very proud of it).



Kindergarten Turkey Party

And in time for Thanksgiving, Stefan's Kindergarten class had a very fun turkey party.


Other Activities

Below is a photo gallery of various other activities and events that Stefan was part of this year.

At recess in school