Stefan Vol. IV
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Stefan Hoffmann - Volume IV

This page continues the chronicles of our boy Stefan from when he was 7 months old. We will post new pictures and stories on a regular basis. Please check back often for new updates.

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7 Months Old

Just returning from his whirlwind tour of New York and Jacksonville, Stefan was primed and ready to witness his first Halloween. The day before Halloween we took him to the pumpkin patch. He really like the color of the pumpkins, but wasn't quite sure what to do with him. We had purchased him two Halloween outfits (just couldn't make up our mind), and so took pictures with him in both. Nicky visited us over Halloween and spent time with Stefan, although his teething phase had started and he was a little crabby.

Stefan is also now really sitting up on his own where he will stay for a long time seated and play with his toys. But once in a while, he likes coming to daddy, who Stefan views as one large toy just for him.



8 Months Old

During this month, Stefan is slowly getting used to winter. His clothes are getting thicker, and Christmas is coming. The house is decorated with lots of colors and ornaments that Stefan would all like to chew up. Nicky has been visiting a few times, and also initiated the Christmas gift season with some great toys and outfits for Stefan. We also celebrated our Christmas before heading to the big family Christmas in Germany. Stefan even got to visit with Santa twice, once at the mall and once with an event from Jana's MOMS club.


9 Months Old

Since we spent 2 weeks in Germany while Stefan was 9 months old, you'll find his pictures in our Events of 2005 - Christmas in Germany section.


10 Months Old

The day Stefan turned 10 months old, he decided that it is time to crawl. From that point on, our boy was on the move. He is especially intrigued by towers of all kids. Made from blocks, rings or other parts, Stefan is on a mission to knock'em all down.