Stefan Vol. VI
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Stefan Hoffmann - Volume VI

This page covers the life of Stefan through the fall and winter of 2006 and 2007. We will post new pictures and stories on a regular basis. Please check back often for new updates.

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17, 18 and 19 Months Old

For these months, most of the pictures with Stefan can be found on the page with our road trip through the Western US and the page with the visit to Nick and Nicky in Sacramento.

But here are a few more impressions that we got in our day-to-day lives with our boy.



20 and 21 Months Old

Most of the pictures during this period of Stefan's life can be found on the Events of 2006 page, as he spent time with his Omi and Opi (Marc's parents), and participated in events with his Mommy and Daddy.

But then came Christmas, and Stefan received so many nice toys from Santa that he was a little overwhelmed. But as you can tell, he was very excited about his race track, ride-on-airplane, and especially his train set.

Stefan with Santa

Stefan loves to have his own table and chairs

Christmas Day in the park

Very happy about being on the big-boy swing

Stefan's new race track

And the train set...still a favorite toy

Stefan already joined the jet set

Faces and positions of Stefan while watching TV


22 and 23 Months Old

In February 2007, Nicky and Nick visited us. We took the opportunity to visit Tom's Farms, which offered exciting things for Stefan: old tractors, a digger (or bagger as he and his daddy call them), train rides, a carousel and a petting farm.

Otherwise, life was just normal: eating, sleeping, and playing with daddy's phone and computer.

Stefan prefers the floor to fall asleep rather than the comfy bed he has

Cool dude on the digger

Having fun on the carousel

A train ride is the best

This is so far the funniest position for Stefan to fall asleep

Stefan and Mommy are a little sick

Playing with Daddy's phone

Jacqueline is coming over to play

Hmm, that is what a belly lookes like

We are not sure who Stefan was instant messaging with