Stefan Vol. VIII
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Stefan Hoffmann - Volume VIII

This page covers Stefan's life from his third birthday on. We will post new pictures and stories on a regular basis. Please check back often for new updates.

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3rd Birthday

Stefan's third birthday was great fun with all his friend who came to play with him at My Gym. Ash, Mandy and Eddie did again a great job entertaining all the kids.



Strawberry Picking

In March, 2008, Stefan got his first experience at picking strawberries.



First Day of Preschool

In August, Stefan took his first steps into the school system. He joined a local preschool. These are pictures from his first day.

Stefan is excited

Going into the classroom

Greeting his teacher - Ms. Lynn

Stefan's classroom

With his teachers, Ms. Noreen and Ms. Lynn


Other Activities

Below is a photo gallery of various other activities and events that Stefan was part of this year.

Watching TV with Jacqueline

Giving brother kisses

Celebrating with Mommy on Mother's Day

Just some pictures

...with my brother

With the Staff at Rancho's My Gym

Bouncing with his brother in the jumper

Having a nice day at the park

Working out with Opi

Trying on clothes for the first snow

Showing off

Swim lessons at Ms. Donna

Happy Boy