Stefan Vol. III
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Stefan Hoffmann - Volume III

This page continues the chronicles of our boy Stefan - this time month by month starting when he was 3 months old. This volume includes the timeframe from when Stefan was 3 months old up to when he was 6 months old. Pictures of Stefan from 7 months on are located in Volume IV. We will post new pictures and stories on a regular basis. Please check back often for new updates.

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3 Months Old

Shortly after Stefan turned 3 months, we traveled to Utah for Shannon and KC's wedding. Towards the end of this month, he starts to develop his personality. Stefan smiles a lot, as many of the pictures below prove.

What a happy baby.

Stefan is styling

We are happy to be a family

Stefan did not want to leave Utah.

Hmm...Mommy is so comfortable

Enjoying the warmth after the Jacuzzi

Contemplating the last meal

Vicky and James came to visit

A study in Stefan's facial expressions...Just Happy

Let me see what I can do next

Oh, there is something new

Laughing out loud


4 Months Old

After Stefan turned 4 months he is really starting his development. One day he decides that it is fun to try turning over. The next day, he discovers his hands, and the fingers and anything that is in them goes into the mouth. He is starting to sleep through the night (between 5 and 10 hours). Stefan enjoys the pool and spa we had built. He also gets to meet other members of his family, including Ashton, who is less than 2 months younger than him. Ashton is Jamie and Tyler's son (Jamie is a cousin of Jana). He also meets Jana's aunt DeeAnne and her cousins, Jennifer, Denise with husband Rosie and kids Eron and Harlee, her aunt Nancy, and Jana's grandpa BJ and his wife Shirley.

OK, let's get ready for roll-over

Mommy, are you looking?

One good lick of the burpcloth before Stefan can go

And he did it

Yeah...look at me.

How to eat a fish...Step 1, hug it

Step 2, grab its fin

Step 3, shove it in the mouth

Relaxing with mom in the pool

Ashton meets Stefan

Ready for the pool

Enjoying some time together

DeeAnne dotes on Stefan

Waking up from a nap...and got rid of the blanket in a second

Mischievous Smile

Imagine this picture with the sound "Mmmmm"

Tummy playtime with Ashton

Stefan loves his tummy time...for the most part

Ashton checks out Stefan's pillow

Look at me, look at me

It was fun playing

Stefan with his great-grandpa (BJ)

BJ and all his great-grandkids (Harlee, Stefan, Ashton, Eren)

Stefan and Nancy

BJ, Shirley and Stefan

Stefan and Jennifer

Stefan, Denise and Rosie

Standing on mom's new car


5 Months Old

Stefan is now 5 months old and has started the everything-goes-into-the-mouth phase. This includes bibs, fingers, toys and anything else that comes within reach of his little hands. He loves to stand, but also likes to take long naps in his "boat" in the pool.

Although we place him straight into his crib upon bedtime, Stefan always manages to turn himself around

Getting into his "boat"

Chewing on daddy's finger

Boating with mommy and daddy

Chilling with his bottle

It's nap time in the pool

Look at the strong boy

It's nap time on mommy and daddy's bed

Stefan is starting to sit up on his far it doesn't last long, but check back next month.


6 Months Old

For the majority of the time that Stefan was 6 months old, he was hardly at home. Our little world traveler took a trip to New York and Jacksonville with us. You can check him out at those previous links. During this time, he started to sit up more, and was eager to roll over onto his tummy, although sometimes not so eager to roll back - which resulted in cries for mommy.

See how good I can already sit up

...even for a long time...with the appropriate help

But I still like standing much better.

Getting ready for a roll...or he just discovered his feet again.

He is always inventing new ways to sleep